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Akamai List Regions

List Regions

Akamai List Regions per Country

List Regions per Country

AWS EC2 Describe Regions

Describes one or more regions that are currently available to you.

AWS Lightsale Get Regions

Returns a list of all valid regions for Amazon Lightsail.

AWS RDS Describe Source Regions

Returns a list of the source AWS regions where the current AWS region can create a Read Replica or copy a DB snapshot from.

Azure API Management Regions ListByService

Lists all azure regions in which the service exists.

CallFire Find number regions

Searches for region information. Use this API to obtain detailed region information that can be used to query for more specific phone numbers than a general query.

Etsy Get Regions

Finds all Region.

Etsy Get Regions Region

Retrieves a Region by id.

Eventbrite Get System Regions

Returns a single page response with a key of regions, containing a list of regions.

YouTube Get Regions

Returns a list of content regions that the YouTube website supports.

YouTube Parameters Regions

Parameters i18nregions

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